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Friday, January 27, 2012

Nursery Ideas

Since hitting the 3rd trimester mark last week, I've been feeling a little anxious about the fact that I have done NOTHING to prepare baby boy's room. NOTHING! We did move Callie to her toddler bed and took down the crib but have yet to set up anything in the baby's room. I still have a double bed in there and misc other things like decorating items I've bought for the house, my exercise ball, the sewing machine (I'm learning!) and other odds and ends.

I figured before I can really get started, the first thing I need to choose is the colors and baby bedding. Then I can accesorize from there. I perused dozens of websites for boy nursery ideas. I repinned several on pinterest but still had not found the right color combination I liked. Yesterday I went back and visited a few sites I looked at last week and found several possibilites at this site, Polka Tot Designs. And how ironic, they are located in Mobile, AL where I have family and where I was born! Cute cute stuff! I wish I was in town to go in person.

Here is the "Brody" style which I was immediately drawn to because of it's bright, cheery colors!

I'm really not into "themes" per se, but don't mind a repeated element of something like zoo animals, letters etc as long as it is not overkill! I remember with Keira I got some cute green & violet bedding with daisies, but went overboard getting everything that matched! I had the valance, the diaper stacker and the wall hangings, everything!!! With Callie I was sick of looking at it and got all new stuff but didn't go all matchy matchy and it turned out really cute. Now with #3 coming I swore I wasn't going to go all out on a nursery, but since it's my first and only boy and our last baby, I just can't help it! The cuteness of everything just sucks you in!

Here are a few more bedding ideas I liked.





This last one I really liked a lot and the price is a little better than some of the others, but we have a white crib and believe it or not, it really changes the look. I looked some more and found they had a picture of the same one with a white crib, with just a few changes.

Here is the "Bellamy"

I think the white crib gives it a "softer" look overall. The great thing about this company is you can mix and match the fabrics and create your own custom look. I like the orange trim on the skirt like with the Bellamy but want the orange background for the monogram like on the Baker.

You can also order fabric swatches for $1.25 to actually see the colors in person. I'm glad I did this once already because one style I thought I liked turned out not to be the right colors at all! Next week I'm planning to order a few swatches and then make a decision from there. I have got to get on the ball because once you place your order it takes 4-6 weeks to make & deliver!

It's fun & exciting to think of the possibilities for his room! Any input or suggestions, I'd love to hear!

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