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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

52 Weeks to an Organized Home-Week One Accomplished!!

As I posted last week, I'm joining along in a 52 week program over at Home Storage Solutions 101 to get my house in order!

I love the idea of this challenge because it takes large areas, like the kitchen, and breaks them down into weekly steps. Every week there is a new focus category or sub-category. Last week was Kitchen:Countertops & Sink.

I admit, this is a big problem are for me as far as clutter is concerned. Each time I get it cleaned, papers seem to creep their way back into the space. May it be mail, kids school papers, magazines etc... And it drives me nuts! So this time to hopefully keep my countertops clean long term, I've come up with a few changes on how I handle paper that comes into the house.

First, deal with incoming mail on a daily basis.
- File bills to be paid
- Recycle junk mail
- Save coupons in coupon drawer/organizer

Second, have a place for kids school papers.
-I've created a folder to store both girls art work/papers I think I may want to keep. Every month or so I will go through these and pair it down to just a few. They are only in Preschool & in Kindergarten after all, so it's hard not to save a few things here and there :)
-Pin important notes home on our corkboard so I don't forget to act on those items if needed.
-Go through their backpacks each day & throw away any non-relevant notes/papers.

Third, have a system for magazines & catalogs, things to read.
-Put magazines & catalogs on my kitchen side shelf to read. Go through these monthly and what has not been read by month's end, recycle!
- Immediately recycle/trash those that I know I will not read.
- File recipes, decor ideas that I tear from magazines. Go through these periodically to edit out what's no longer needed.

I think that's a good start for me! I'm sure I can tweak this system as time goes on, but this is what I'm going to strive to do on an ongoing basis to keep things from piling up!

Here are a few Before photos:

My working side of the counter.

The mail/drop zone side of the counter. *Shudder*

And, After

My Side

Drop Zone

It's so much more peaceful to see the tops of my clean counters! Ahhhhh.

What are your problem areas of the home? What ideas do you have to keep them under control this year?? I'd love to hear your ideas!

I'm linking up over at
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