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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011 and Pregnancy Photos

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!! Ours was a little hectic but a lot of fun. We traveled with the girls to VA over Christmas to my in-laws and got back late Wed night. Thankfully our flight was pretty uneventful. Callie didn't nap a wink either flight but over all she was very good. We had brought along plenty to entertain them; dvd's, books, coloring, snacks & blankies. Once we got home & put the girls to bed, we got out all of their Santa gifts we had hidden and finish wrapping a few more of their gifts. Thursday morning we all got up and had Christmas part 2. Keira thought it was really cool to have Christmas twice!! They got many fun gifts and we basically spent the day in our jammies, they playing with their new toys and I was unpacking and doing laundry and trying to bring some sort of order to the crazy house!! We were able to bring many of our gifts home from VA but the girls had a few toys that just wouldn't fit. Kevin's parents are nice enough to pack them up and ship them to us which is so awesome. The girls can have fun playing with their gifts here and then in a week or so, their box will arrive and it will be like Christmas all over again!!

Here are a few pictures we took over Christmas.

Callie's favorite gift by far: Let's Rock! Elmo with his guitar, drums & microphone. It was one of the first gifts she opened from grandma and grandpa and then she could care less about opening any more presents! Too cute.

Keira got a kareoke machine with a Taylor Swift cd (she is obsessed with Taylor!!) but I didn't get a good picture of her in action. I will have to take one when the box gets here. It's kind of nice having a few days break from listening to that cd!! Don't get me wrong, I like Taylor Swift too, but she and her cousin were playing and singing it over & over every day!!

Keira with her giant princess pillow from Aunt Karen.

Keira loves books so I got her Silverlicious from the Pinkalicious book series.

From Santa they got a small wooden table and chair set for their dolls. Here they are playing tea party :)

Blowing bubbles

I can't forget these adorable photos of Callie in her Preschool Christmas program. Her teacher helped them make their shirts. They are Christmas trees with their handprints :)

I have been slacking on taking as many pictures throughout this pregnancy and I know I will kick myself for it later!! I made sure to take a few over the holidays though and also a few from a wedding I was in 2 weeks ago.

22 weeks

23 weeks- Big belly in a red dress!!! Thank God it fit!!!

Me & my Hubby :)

24 weeks-New Year's Eve

These are a few highlights from our December/Christmas season. Now if I can just make myself upload all of the other pictures I have taken in the past few months, I will be in good shape!

Happy New Year!!!

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