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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crib to Toddler Bed Transition- Oh the Joy!

We decided this week to make the leap from crib to toddler bed for Callie. It's definitely time, she is 2 and a half years old and I need the crib for the new baby coming in April. I wanted her to have plenty of time to adjust to her new bed before his arrival. We actually intended to do this around Thanksgiving, but she became interested in the potty and that was going so well, I didn't want to introduce another change just yet.

I wanted to get a few pictures of this little milestone in her life :) I apologize for the picture quality, I was using my cell phone and it came out a little fuzzy.

Callie yesterday morning-her last morning to wake up in her crib! *Tear*

Check out the Donald hair!!!

The girls were so excited to watch Daddy take apart the crib and put together the toddler bed. I should have snuck in and gotten a picture in between! They played in her room the entire time and would run out and report to me on the progress. Once it was put together, big sister had to get in and try it with her.

Her wall looks so bare with no crib there. Her room is definitely in need of some attention! I never really got it all put together when we moved in last year. I'm hoping the "nesting" for baby mode will kick in and I can finish hers and do his as well!

So the girls had fun reading and playing all morning in Callie's "new" bed. Of course it's all fun until nap time. Ughh. We got her all settled in and I had a baby shower to attend so my husband was here to battle it out with her. And she won. She came out to potty, to get a tissue and on and on. And Daddy does not have the patience for this. After about 2.5 hours he let her stay up for good. Needless to say she was exhausted by 5pm and took a snooze in the car while driving to meet friends for dinner. I was really nervous about bedtime because of this, but she did awesome!!! We did our normal routine and she stayed in bed and never came out one time, the whole night! I couldn't believe it. I kept waking up expecting her to be coming in our room any minute.

Today at nap on the other hand, was another story. This time I was here all day, hubby went to watch some football at a friends. She tried her antics again. I gave her a little time to read books in bed, come out for potty etc. But then I had to go in several times and get a little stern with her. She cried for daddy thinking he might let her out. I was not backing down!! After several hours, she finally fell asleep at 5:15pm! This is way late for her since her usual bed time is 8pm. I let her sleep for an hour and then woke her up. Of course she was a big crab apple but that eventually wore off. Bed time tonight came later than normal because we were so off schedule. But I'm happy to say that she went down at bedtime with no problems. Now if we can only have a repeat of last night, and her stay in bed all night, I will be so thankful!!

I'm off to bed! Sweet Dreams!

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