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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holy Growth Spurt! 25 weeks

And by growth spurt I mean ME! Not sure how much of it was the baby but I had an interesting appointment last week! I went in for my usual monthly appointment, this one at 25 weeks. I actually hadn't seen the Dr in 5 weeks total because of the holidays. Up until then I had gained weight slowly, approximately 6-7 lbs in 20 weeks. Well let's just say that I definitely made up for it over the holidays!!!

Everything went well; Blood pressure was good, urine check good, heartbeat strong but when my Dr came in and was looking at my chart after weighing in, I was a little surprised at what she said!! I had seen the # on the scale but couldn't remember exactly where I was from the last weigh in. This was her comment "Umm, if I'm looking at this number right, you gained 12 lbs since your last visit?" WHAT!?! Holy Moly! How did that happen!? In my other pregnancies I NEVER gained that much in 5 weeks! I think the most was 6 lbs in one month. My Dr assured me though that she is not concerned, since overall my weight gain is normal, around 18lbs. With #1 I gained 33lbs and with #2 I gained 28lbs. Looks like I'm on track to gain about 32lbs this time which I'm ok with! I guess all the cookies, chinese take out, Christmas dinner, breakfast burritos etc I ate while in VA caught up with me! But, I'm not trying to repeat that this next month that's for sure.

Also while I was there they gave me my lab sheet for my wonderful glucose screen. I went up there today and had the lovely orange drink. Yuck. Baby boy was bouncing all around on that sugar high!! The good part was I got a lot of reading done, I'm so far behind on my book for book club this month. We meet next Wed and I have around 380 pages to go. Yikes!

I'm praying for a passing result and should know by tomorrow. I passed fine with Callie (#2) but failed both the one hour and three hour test when pregnant with Keira. I had to then see a perinatologist every week for a sonogram (the good part) and also had to record every meal I ate, prick my finger after every meal & record my blood sugar, and meet weekly with the nutritionist. She would look over my #'s and anywhere there was a less than desireable number, she would look over my food sheet for the week and highlight what I ate that probably caused it. And say something like "I really don't think you want to eat french fries any more". Very fun let me tell ya. I definitely don't want a repeat of that!

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. Just a few aches and pains here and there and braxton hicks which make it a little difficult to breathe. I have to constantly monitor my water intake or the contractions get out of control!

Only a week and a half left and I'm officially in my third trimester! Can't believe how time flies. I am really trying to enjoy it all since we plan on this being the last baby! *Sigh*

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