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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Project-Organizing our Office

When we moved in our new home over a year ago, I was so excited to have my own office space. After several months we finally found a desk we liked and I also added some curtains and eventually bought a bookshelf as well. However, that is where my room organization ended. The room eventually ended up super cluttered and unfinished. With baby #3 on the way, my nesting instinct has definitely kicked into high gear and this was one of the many projects I wanted to tackle. So instead of my weekly "52 Weeks to an Organized Home" challenges I've been doing through Home-Storage-Solutions-101, I figured I better get to work on a more pressing area of my home!

Believe it or not, it was actually worse than this at first. My husband had several boxes from work and other work related items on the floor. Once we got those out we had more room to move around.

I used my cell phone for the photos so I apologize that some may be fuzzy! Here are the before pictures. BEWARE!

After an entire day's worth of work, here are the afters:

We aren't 100% finished with this room, as you can see the walls are still mostly blank. I have a corkboard and dry erase calendar for the wall space above the desk. I also would like to get a lamp and red chair to go by the window. For the wall next to the desk I want to hang photos of the children. On the other walls we plan to hang our college diplomas.

My husband has a different idea and thinks it needs to be more like a "traditional" office with a black leather chair, more traditional wall hangings etc. But I told him since it will be mostly my space (He has his own upstairs) doing our businesses' accounting work and blogging, home bill paying etc I want it to be a fun and functional room that I like to spend time in. I want to add some color so I thought maybe a red or blue chair by the window would be perfect. A cozy one for reading or for my kids to sit in and chat with me if they want while I'm working. I also thought rather than spending money on wall art, I can frame some of the zillion pictures I have and make it a fun wall of photos, maybe kids art projects etc.

It's still a work in progress and I hope to post more pictures soon of it when it is all complete. This week I'm going to start on decluttering our spare room that will be the nursery for baby #3! I have 10 weeks to go and I am feeling a little anxious to get everything done!!!


  1. Wow, what a fun day you must have had! I love the large black book shelf, it really is stunning and makes the room I think!

  2. Thank you Siobhan! I'm hoping once I get everything on the walls and the rest of the books on the shelf it will come all together nicely :)


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