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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Peek into our Week

This past week we had gorgeous weather, 70's & even 80 yesterday! We had some fun outdoors getting the garden ready for Spring planting and the girls played in their sandbox, blew bubbles, went to the park with friends & just enjoyed the sunshine!

Here is a cute shot I got of them in our backyard blowing bubbles. I love the sunshine streaming right down on them.

Remember the sunflower & watermelon seeds the girls and I planted almost 2 weeks ago? Well we placed them in our laundry room which gets a good bit of daily sunlight. The girls anxiously checked on them every day. At the end of week one, Callie's watermelon seeds had some growth!

I was actually surprised that the first one to sprout was the watermelon. I thought for some reason it would be the sunflower seeds as they must be easier to grow. Keira was dissappointed her seeds had not sprouted yet and we had started to give up hope. But we still checked daily, as Callie would say "Wet's go see sissy's pwant".

And, after several more days, success!

We planted 4 seeds in each pot and got 3 sprouts from the watermelon and just one from the sunflower. Now if we can only find a good place to transplant them and keep them alive!

Yesterday I went to a huge moving sale with a friend and Callie. I found several baby boy outfits while Callie entertained herself playing with all of their children's toys for sale. When it was time to pay and go, Callie said "wait, i see something" as she was looking in a box of small misc toys. I said "Ok well it's time to leave" and she insisted so I went to see what she was looking at. I saw a little "Nemo" fish and thought that was what she was wanting. But then I saw a tiny little Woody figure and knew that was it. I got it out for her and asked how much and the owner said she could have it. I'm sure she is just glad to be getting rid of toys! He is literally like 2.5 inches tall & Callie was so pleased to get him.

Now I have to tell you the back story on why this Woody means so much:) Last week we ran out of Callie's kid toothpaste and she refuses to use the same kind as sister. So we made a drug store run and picked her up a new kind with Toy Story characters on the tube. Who knew she would get so attached to a tube of toothpaste!! She was so happy and began talking to Woody and carrying this toothpaste with her everywhere for 2 days. She read Woody stories, put Woody down for nap, swang him in the swing outside, and even took him to bed with her. It was hilarious!! I wish I had gotten a picture of her in action. So then I told Kevin, I have got to get her a little Woody doll so she will stop carrying this toothpaste everywhere! Even when we went to the garage sale, she had it with her in the car and almost took him with her but I got her to leave him behind. I didn't want her to lose it and also figured I would get a strange look or questions about why she is carrying her toothpaste around!! So, as you can see, finding this tiny little Woody figure at the bottom of a toy box was the highlight of our day!!

Callie with Woody 1 and 2

It's so fun to see how something so small and simple can make her so happy! She has been carrying Woody (#2) with her everywhere and to bed at night. I am not looking forward to the day where he inevitably gets lost, but until then we are making fun memories!

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  1. Caroline! I am so glad you are still blogging! Love it! I just got back into it and will hopefully be faithful to update! I will be stalking you for baby updates! You are doing such a great job with this!


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