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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning Callie and I met Keira at school for her "Bananas about You" brunch for Valentine's Day. All of the Kindergarten & 1st grade students gathered in the cafeteria for waffles, fruit and yogurt and parents were invited to share in this with their children. Keira always loves it when she has a school visitor! She is also having an afternoon classroom party but sadly we have to miss it since it is during Callie's nap time. Last night she finished all of her princess Valentine's cards and couldn't wait to give them out today!

My sweet girls!

Friday night her school had a Valentine Dance and she took Daddy as her date. She thought she might be a little embarassed to dance with him but I think she quickly got over it! He said they had a great time and she loved seeing & dancing with her friends. They also had limo rides that took them around the school which she thought was so cool!

A little blurry action shot.

Tonight we are planning to eat in & miss the crowds! I'm making Seafood Gumbo for Kevin and I but still deciding on what to make for the girls. Then I thought maybe I will take them out for ice cream as a treat. Yum! But I have to be honest, it's probably just as much for me since I have been craving ice cream so much lately!!!

Have a great Valentine's Day! Hope your day is special and spent with those you love!

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