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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Itching for Spring! (My trip to Lowe's)

One of the many things I did this past week was make a trip to Lowe's to browse the garden goodies and also get some paint samples for baby boy's room and get some materials for a shelving project.

Even though it is still February (and was below freezing this morning!) I am already anxious to get my Spring garden planted. Last year was my first year with my vegetable garden and it was a lot of fun and was successful for the most part! In Texas (Zone 8) we can start earlier than many other states but still have to wait until the last frost. I'm hoping to have everything planted by the end of March, first of April before this baby arrives!!!

I still have a little work to do to prepare the beds. I need to turn the soil and add a top layer of compost to it. This weekend it was way too cold for that so I am hoping one day this week to get that accomplished. Many of the root vegetables can be planted now as seeds, like carrots and also potatoes, along with onions, lettuce, spinach. My sweet neighbor gave me several of her potato roots and leftover carrot and beet seeds to get started. I can't wait to plant them!! In a few weeks I can plan out the rest of my garden and what I want to plant when, based on their growing season. More on a separate post!

Of course I had to bring something home to get my Spring Fever fix, so I bought this little Begonia plant to brighten up my kitchen island until the weather warms up. Isn't she cute?

I also could not pass up these fun little seed starter kits for the girls. One is sunflowers and the other one is for watermelon. I have never grown either of these before so I'm curious to see how they do. It will take about 7 days to germinate. Once they sprout we can plant them in the garden.

They were so excited to help place the seeds in and water them. Goofy picture-Callie was saying "cheese" very enthusiastically!

Now Keira has been checking on hers every day, patiently waiting to see the first signs of green life peeking out. It is so fun to watch them and see how they are learning how plants grow and what they need to survive.

After our garden purchase I picked up several paint samples for baby boy's room and also some wood for a shelving project for his room. I found this easy project from Knock Off Decor that I can't wait to try! I will keep you posted!

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