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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Packing, Playing Princess & More Packing!

Well we survived our trip to New York and had a great time visiting family! I did manage to come home with a cold though which does not work well for packing. On top of that I got food poisoning Monday night and am still recovering. Not fun!!! Yesterday I was pretty worthless but today we did make a dent in our never ending list of things to do.

Of course you can always count on kids to bring fun to any situation. Keira loved playing with the boxes & helped me out with some packing while Callie napped.

Keira in her "house"

Later, to get some sunshine, we took some boxes outside and made a princess castle. I was the witch and she was Snow White :)

Then we had a little chick-fil-a picnic for lunch then it was back to Packing!!

Tomorrow we close on the house. Kind of bitter sweet! I hope all goes well but I am definitely sad to leave our first house! We do have a few more days to finish moving though. That will help me get my closure and say my goodbyes!

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