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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrating Earth! My Goals & a Few Free Ways to Participate

This year is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. It was started back in 1970 by US Senator Gaylord Nelson as way to encourage environmental awareness and appreciate our Mother Earth.

I admit in previous years I haven't paid as much attention to this celebration as I would like to. However, throughout the year I do participate in keeping our Earth beautiful by recycling, reusing, sharing, gardening etc. There are several ways I would like to improve.

These are my goals this year:
1)ALWAYS recycle when possible. I am usually good at this but sometimes can be a bit lazy!
2)Use less "throw away" storage; For example, instead of sandwich bags for snacks & lunches, use other washable storage containers I have on hand. I have been doing this most of the time this past yr. Saves $$ too!
3)Switch to Environmentally Friendly cleaning products. These are not only better for the environment in general, they are better for our family's physical health. There are several great brands out there. Right now I am trying Seventh Generation Multipurpose Cleaner & Clorox Green Works.
4)Carry my reusuable water bottle to the gym & stop buying bottled water.
Got a cute steel container at Old Navy for $5.
5)Bring my reusable shopping bags with me to all grocery and drugstore trips.
6) Unplug electrical items not in use.
7)Start my garden!! Very excited about this. It will have to wait until we move so it will likely be a Fall/Winter garden this year.

Here are a few deals/activities that I wanted to share:

Pottery Barn Kids is celebrating with free Earth Day activities in their stores at 11am & 3pm. Check your local store to make sure they are participating.

Join the Home Depot Garden Club for coupons and gardening tips. Right now they have a Buy One Tree get one Free coupon! Also the Sunday ad mentions the current promotion: Buy One Get One Free all vegetable, herb & flower seed packets. Perfect time to start that garden!

Walgreen's is currently running a promotion offering 22% off all Earth friendly products. In addition, they are donating 30% of those sales to the World Wildlife Fund. And don't forget, stop by your local Walgreen's store & get your black ink cartridges refilled for $1 on Thursday, April 22nd only! See store ad for coupon.

It's National Park Week which means entrance to all 392 National Parks is FREE!

Visit EPA Event Page for more events in your area.

Go out and enjoy the day! Make it beautiful!

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