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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Welcome :) I hope to use this blog to stay connected with friends and family and also make new friends along the way! This journey many of us are on as parents and mothers is a bit tricky to navigate at times but sharing it with others makes it a better learning experience. I would like to have some organization to my blog and not just a bunch of ramble but forgive me if it goes that route from time to time!!! I want to share my life as a mom and what helps me and my family whether it be money saving deals, cooking tips, gardening or family fun.

A little about me, I have 2 beautiful girls, ages 3 (almost 4) and 10 months. I have been married for 6 years to an awesome guy, who I met at age 13!! Long story-maybe one day I will post it. I work 2 days a week in banking and the rest of the time stay home with the girls!! It's such a blessing to be able to spend the time with them that I do, although I am not going to lie, it can be extremely challenging!! I would love it if every mom who wanted to was able to stay home. I hope that maybe I can help someone achieve that goal by sharing my experiences with you.

More to come... in true Southern dialect and in honor of Paula Deen... "Come back y'all!!!"

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