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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Garden Planting

Oh how I LOVE Spring! This past weekend we had gorgeous weather, the high was about 80 degrees. Perfect for getting the rest of my vegetables purchased and planted and a few flowers too.

I first started this year's Spring Garden about a month ago. I planted 2 types of potatoes, cabbage seeds, arugula, onion bulbs, and broccoli. After about 10 days I took these pictures of the cabbage and onions. It's amazing how quickly everything starts growing.

Cabbage sprouting from seeds

Onion bulbs sprouting

And here they are, about 2.5 weeks later.

Onions-growing crazy!

Cabbage-still not looking like cabbage yet but definitely growing!

Today I snapped some photos of the rest of the plants first planted. In just one month they have grown tremendously.

My potatoes took about 2 weeks to have sprouts peeking out of the dirt. 3 plants are a good size and then one is a little behind the rest. Here they are now:

Arugula when first planted

And now!

In just another couple weeks I should be able to start harvesting the Arugula. Can't wait to have it for salads!

And check out the Broccoli, oh my goodness!

At planting time:


Also I noticed one plant has a small crown on it!

Now that the weather has warmed up a tad more, I planted a few varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and one okra plant (I had too much last year!) and one strawberry plant (no luck last year, giving it another try).

Here are a few photos of these.

I hope we can have some good results this year. We love strawberries around here so it would be nice to not have to buy them so much!

Boxcar Willie Tomato-isn't that a fun name??

Patio Tomato

I like cooking with green peppers and had good results with these so thought we'd plant them again. Red peppers are great for cooking or as a snack. This is my first time to plant these. Last yr I also did banana peppers but my husband loves jalepenos so we planted one of those plants instead.

Peppers-Jalepeno in front, then Red and Green is in the back.

And here is my lone little okra plant.

Last year I had 2 plants and they produced more than enough okra. We actually got tired of eating it and gave lots of it away. Okra thrives in the Texas heat though so it's probably always going to make it in my garden. We love it fried!

I still have room for a few more things so this week I plan to plant my squash and zuchinni from seeds as well as some green beans. I'm hoping it's not too late for the green beans because they didn't last too long in the heat for me last year. My squash and zuchinni did awesome til July when it was 100 almost every day! I also have to plant my herb seeds for Basil, Cilantro and Parsley and a small Rosemary plant. That should complete our Spring garden this year!! I wish I had room for even more. If these do well we may add another raised bed next year. Currently we have 2, 4x4 beds and as you can see, there is a lot you can plant in a small space!

Are you planting for Spring? What is your favorite food to grow and the best grower in your area???

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