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Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Getting So Close! 37 Weeks

This has been an awesome weekend, except for the fact that my laptop got a nasty virus!! After spending a small fortune on the Geek Squad for them to diagnose the issue and repair it, I found my original purchase receipt showing this laptop was less than a yr old!! I took my laptop back up there and got a refund on the new hard drive they had put in and now Toshiba will be the one replacing the hard drive. Problem is, I'm without it now for 2-3 weeks!! Couldn't be worse timing with the baby due in less than 3 weeks. I had big plans of finishing the download of all my photos off my camera & phone, working on accounting stuff for my other job, and browsing Etsy for the nursery wall decor. :( For now I am using my hubby's Ipad but
it's not so easy to type on and not the best for browsing and saving photos, at least to me.
Anyway, it's extremely annoying to this already easily annoyed pregnant lady!!

On another note, the nursery is coming along! Kevin painted the baby's room on Sat and I am so happy with how the color turned out! My bedding also came in and we got the crib all cleaned up & put together. With the bedding on and the wall painted it looks adorable, I just need the baby :) And some wall art and a few shelves. But, I feel good the biggest part is complete! I took a few pictures but blogger and the Ipad are not working together nicely so I can't get them up. I will try & get those uploaded soon!

We also got the bassinet out of the attic and washed & put together. The car seat is in the garage waiting to be installed. I had my oil changed and car washed & vacuumed. We moved the girls seats around to make room for the carrier in the 2nd row and moved Keira to the back row. Never thought I'd be a minivan momma but I am so happy we got the Odyssey, it will be a lifesaver with 3 kids!!!!

My Dr appt last Wed went well. No weight gain for the week but I was 1 cm dilated. I'll take that! Also my Group B Strep was negative so that's one less thing to worry about. She asked if I was ready to schedule anything but I told her since I'm feeling ok that I just want to keep trucking along and hopefully he comes on his own! I wouldn't mind him coming a week or two early though!

It's getting harder to sleep and I'm starting to run out of steam to finish the projects I have going. I have had a lot of BH contractions today and feel like he has dropped some. I'm hoping when I go in on Thursday that I will be at 2 cm dilation!! With this Sunday being Easter, part of me is hoping he stays put so we can enjoy it with the girls. However, Sunday is also my dad's birthday so I think it would be kind of cool if he came then :) We shall see!

We are all so excited to meet this little boy. I love how my husband asks me daily if I think today is the day and the girls have been putting their baby dolls in the baby swing, bouncer & crib :) They are getting some good big sister practice! Callie calls him "baby brudder" and she and Keira both can't wait to hold him and help mommy. I'm anxiously waiting!!

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