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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Update-35/36 weeks

I can't believe I am in my last month! Time is flying by and I'm beginning to get excited and anxious to meet this precious baby boy!

At this point I'm going to the Dr every week. Last week I had a sonogram which showed he is in head down position, yay! Having not had a c-section before, I am hoping we can make it one more time with #3. I saw the Dr again this past Wed and she told me that based on the sonogram he is measuring around 5lbs 11oz and is in 70th percentile. Both my girls were under 7lbs so the idea that he can be 7.5-8 lbs or more is hard to imagine. I just hope he's not over 8lbs! Better to have that big baby last though right?

Also at my last appt she checked my cervix and there is no dilation just yet. I think that's normal for me and maybe next week there will be a little progress. I was trying to remember with the girls and I think around 37 weeks I was 1-2cm dilated. I have plenty of amniotic fluid so no worries there. So far everything is going great, thank God!!

So far my total weight gain 26-27 lbs. Pretty normal for me and pregnancies. I seem to be carrying him way out front and he's pretty low, so my belly just looks gigantic to me!

The baby belly:35 weeks 3 days

Of course wearing orange too I think just makes everything look bigger!

He is still very active and so funny to feel and watch my belly jumping all around. I wish I could just *peek* inside and see what he looks like during all of this.

I'm sleeping ok but was having some hip soreness and feeling my ligaments pulling some on the lower sides of my stomach when I'm on one side or the other. A sweet friend who just had her baby let me borrow her pregnancy pillow which has been a huge help. But, oh my goodness is it HUGE! Like a worm as we call it and takes up over half the bed. I feel sorry for my hubby! The kids thought it was the coolest thing when I brought it home and each wanted to try it out. I wished I would have snapped a pic, they looke so cute snuggled up inside there like a cocoon.

My bedding is due to come in this week, I can't wait!! I got a few paint samples from Lowe's but am having a hard time deciding on the final color. I'm thinking of waiting til the bedding arrives so I can really tell rather than using the tiny swatch.

On another note, tomorrow is my last day of work!! I decided to take off several weeks before his due date to prepare in case he came a little early. This will give me some more time to get all of my to do list done. I love the people I work with and have been there part time for 5 years, since Keira was one. I will miss seeing everyone and having that adult interaction I'm sure. But for now we thought it was best with 3 kiddos to stay home and I still have part time work I do for another business from home. Who knows, maybe when they are all in school/preschool I will go back at least part time. The extra $$$ would be nice!

For now I'd better get to bed so I can make sure and enjoy my last day tomorrow. Night!


  1. Ooh, congrats on your last day!! I haven't decided yet when my last day will come. I know those last few days at home, with Laura, without work, will be so precious to me!

    1. Thank U- I can't believe it's time already! It's funny some people ask me, "What are you going to do for 3 weeks?" Umm, enjoy it!? HA I have plenty to do to keep me busy between finishing the nursery, getting baby things down from the attic, and just enjoying my girls before the baby takes their mommy away!
      When you decide on your last day, make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy with Laura!


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