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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Fun

It’s been a busy week preparing for the holidays!! We will be traveling this year to my in-laws who live out of state. With 2 kids and being pregnant, it has been interesting trying to get all packed up, gifts wrapped and figure out how to handle Santa and family gifts with the girls while going out of town. We decided we would only bring a few gifts with us for the girls to give to them at their grandparents and the rest we would save for when we got home. I had to explain to my 5 yr old that Santa would come to our house while we are gone and when we got home all of her gifts would be waiting for her. I was a little worried because our nieces and nephews will all be there Christmas morning, opening gifts from family and also getting their Santa gifts. You know how kids are and they want what the other ones have!! I’m pretty sure this will be the last yr we travel over Christmas. Once there are 3 kids, it’s too much trouble to plan for, not to mention too expensive!!

In the midst of this week’s craziness, we did manage to make time for some holiday cookie baking!!

Keira and I made gingerbread cookies using gingerbread men and candy cane cookie cutters. She had a blast putting facing and buttons on her gingerbread men with raisins and M&M’s.

They turned out pretty good; I didn’t use a special recipe. Just good ol’ Betty Crocker!!! My husband isn’t a big fan of gingerbread and I’m a chocolate chip cookie kind of girl so we also made some delicious chocolate chip cookies using the Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Chips. SO YUMMY!!! (Sorry no pictures) The recipe made a ton so we shared some with our neighbors and are bringing the rest to my mom’s tonight for our family Christmas there.

I'm looking forward to our Christmas weekend with family. It's going to be chaotic but I know it will all be worth it. Merry Christmas!!

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